A Lesson on Storytelling Via Snapchat


The Clinton campaign used Snapchat’s unique features to run an anti-trump story on the platform. Regardless of our political affiliations, we, as marketers, should applaud her social media team for creating what is essentially a native political ad using a creative tone and approach that is perfect for the channel, and ultimately, their audience.

The campaign used Snapchat’s face-swap feature to superimpose former presidents’ faces over Trump while he spoke on a variety of issues. They used text overlays to “narrate” the story, as well as emojis and iconography to add emote sentiment; in this case, humor and sarcasm.

While the execution itself was brilliant, in my opinion, it was the choice to use Snapchat that truly intrigued me. In one of the most heated political seasons of our generation, candidates are vying for the highly elusive and potentially powerful young vote. By choosing Snapchat, the Clinton campaign is sending a signal that it is aggressively pursuing a younger audience that skews female.

The key takeaway here is that marketers should use the tools at their disposal through the various social platforms to reach targeted audiences with contextually appropriate native content. Kudos to the Clinton campaign team for creatively using Snapchat’s new features to reach potential voters with an engaging story that only Snapchat could have delivered, while injecting some much needed humor into this crazy election cycle.

Visit the Tech Insider article for screenshots and video of the full story.

This article was published originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.